Healthy Recipe Ideas

Here are some healthy recipe ideas that I have used time and again both at my own mealtimes and in my classes.

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The best advice I give to my clients is to take it a little at a time. Maybe try one or two new healthy recipes a week when changing your diet. Relax into it and enjoy the rewards of cooking and eating in a healthier way.

Three Square Meals

I have broken it down into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to suit the Irish ‘3 square meals’ approach. But I generally encourage clients to eat little and often. Ideally, a smaller meal every 3-4 hours allows a steady energy release, avoiding energy slumps and general fatigue.

In Mediterranean countries, there may be 8 courses to a meal but they tend to be very small palm-sized portions spread over many hours, allowing the digestive system not to be overwhelmed.

Our stomach is the size of a clenched fist and can expand to double that but huge plates of meat joints and potatoes with a few vegetables on the side are generally far too big so portion sizes and timings are healthier eating habits.

As a nutritionist based in Galway whether it’s sports nutrition, lowering cholesterol, trying to lose weight, increasing your energy etc. A good repertoire of varied, healthy, seasonal recipes can have a far greater positive effect than a cupboard full of prescription and non-prescription medicines( in most cases). To give a person back a good quality of life they thought was not achievable.

My healthy eating Cookery Classes are a great foundation for anyone learning to cook in a positive way.

If you find that you may have food intolerances building your recipe knowledge, for example, if you are gluten sensitive, dairy or wheat intolerant or coeliac is essential. Knowledge is power for these people and there are countless great dishes for all skill levels and palates ready to be cooked, eaten and enjoyed.

Happy health!

Here Are Some Healthy Recipes That may tickle your fancy.

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