Snack time! Healthy Spirulina Fruit and Nut Bar Recipe

Three spirulina Fruit and Nut Bars made at home.

How to Make Spirulina Fruit and Nut Bars

Snack time can really test your resolve. Enjoy my simple to make nutritious Spirulina Fruit and Nut Bar Recipe. So quick and easy, a real treat for all the family.

This snack bar keeps you fuller longer and is much cheaper than store-bought high fibre healthy bars. In clinic, I find that clients are really finding it hard to find healthy snacks to eat on the go, in the car and in the evening.

I like to make a traybake size, divide it into 12 and eat one(has to be done!). Keep a few in a sealed container and freeze the rest.

Pop one into your bag when heading out in the morning to eat mid-morning or afternoon. I also recommend chocolate chips, goji berries, chopped dates, even grated apple works to change it up a bit.

We all get fed up if there is no variety so try out your own flavours.

Making My Spirulina Fruit And Nut Bar

I spent many years as a chef cooking everything from Michelin star food to hearty brasserie cuisine both in Ireland and Germany. Then I had the opportunity to manage a large restaurant in Galway. That is what started my interest in good nutrition due to the demands of my customers. After having my two children I decided to go back to the books and study nutrition in IINH for 3 years. A few months into my studies I was offered the opportunity to work in Health and Herbs on Sea Road, Galway with Dr.Dilis Clare. This is a clinic based on herbal medicine and nutrition, which continues to give me so much experience in my own field and many others. I practice my own nutritional consultations there and in Craughwell. I also give cookery demonstrations on healthy eating and other subjects. To sign up to my cookery classes or for a nutritional consultation call 0879074701 or use my contact page.