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Kit Details:

This tests 93 of the main foods for IgG antibodies including some gluten and non-gluten grains, eggs, some dairy, fruit, vegetables, tea, coffee, yeasts, nuts, meat and fish. A consultation to discuss your results and plan your eliminations according to your results is included in the fee. This test kit is approximately the size of a cigarette box. It will pass through a standard letterbox. This test has the CE mark of European Conformity.

Kit Contents:

  1. Lancet for pricking the finger
  2. Bulbous head capillary tube for drawing up the blood sample
  3. Blood collection tube
  4. Transportation bottle – to protect the blood sample in the blood collection tube during transportation
  5. Elastoplast to cover the wound
  6. Return Envelope – (Supestrong, Post Office Approved) Aftercare:

You will receive a copy of your laboratory test result within two weeks of sending us your blood sample. It is our recommendation that you should bring these test results to the attention of your GP for his/her consideration.

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