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Certain clients, for example, weight issues, thyroid over or underactive, skin problems, digestive disorders, need a medium to long-term support from experience. This package offers the client a discounted price for 4 one to one consultations. RRP €280. Online Price €240. The client must use all 4 visits within 12 months of the date of the first consultation.

This includes taking a full medical history, discussing your main health issues and primary focus. BMI, weight, blood pressure and other relevant data are recorded. Each client is taken on a case by case basis. No two clients are treated the same.

If you have any recent blood tests, laboratory results (public or private) please bring along to the consultation. You will then be advised on diet, lifestyle, possible tests and if needed the appointment for your follow up consultation. Zoom or phone consultations are also available.

Before Taking A Food Intolerance Test

This test works by measuring your response to food so it is important to eat a broad range of foods beforehand. Click on the 60, 93 or 200 Food List buttons below for a list of foods tested. Do not eat any food which has already caused a severe reaction without first getting a medical opinion.

Fitzwilliam FoodTEST supports the HPRA recommendation.

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